Miatech provides you with a comprehensive range of medical imaging equipment sales and service

At Miatech we understand just how critical it is for your practice to provide quality care, and that’s why we offer you a comprehensive selection of medical imaging equipment services.

Our service areas fall into the following categories:

· Sales of new and used diagnostic medical imaging equipment: Miatech provides you with a great range of new and diagnostic imaging equipment for practices right across the medical sector – from general practitioners and radiographers through to dentists and chiropractors. Our carefully sourced medical imaging equipment is new and used and our professionals work with you to recommend the solution that best suits your needs.

· Manufacture of chiropractic medical imaging equipment: Our vast experience in the field of chiropractics makes our company a sought-after manufacturer of chiropractic medical imaging equipment.

· Service of medical imaging equipment: Our team keeps your equipment running so you can continue providing the best level of care to your patients. We are available to maintain and repair your equipment and we provide you with a service that is second-to-none. Our medical imaging technicians are ready to help you – just give us a call!

· Installation and removal of x-ray equipment: It takes skilled and experienced professionals to install and remove x-ray equipment and that is why we have a team to carry out this vital work.

· Preventative maintenance of medical imaging equipment: Your medical imaging machines require ongoing maintenance to prevent damage and ensure continual results for your practice and your patients. Our team ensures your equipment is up to task!

· Compliance testing: Miatech also carries out essential compliance testing to guarantee your medical imaging equipment is up to standard.

At Miatech, we are 100% customer-focused to ensure you get the medical imaging equipment service your practice needs and deserves - because your practice relies on state-of-the-art medical imaging technology to deliver a patient care service that your patients deserve.

Call us now to discuss ways we can work with you to achieve this.

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